11 – 12 October 2019

19h30 – 00h00

Free entrance

PRISMA / Art Light Tech runs form 11th to 12th October in Aveiro, a Festival that takes light as its core elements, a basic raw material to be shaped by art. It combines several contemporary art installations, including projections, sound and light artworks, taking place in various areas of the city with the presence of internationally renowned artists. Prisma will strengthen an intelligent environment for the growth of the creative industries in Aveiro, based on cooperation between creatives, students, artists and companies. Prisma will bring to the city an inviting, fun atmosphere and will invite you to explore and (re) discover the city in a new light. Prisma also wants to be a good environmental policy, drawing attention to energy efficiency and inviting the use of soft modes of mobility.

The Premiere of Prisma is made with ten points of light enjoyment, in an open circuit that will pass places such as Praça Marquês de Pombal, Baixa de Santo António and the Museum of Aveiro / Santa Joana, for example, including the canals of Ria de Aveiro. Among the artists present are figures from countries such as Japan, Germany, the Czech Republic and France, and there is room for a selected artist through a call for an artistic residency. The music was not forgotten, with the presence of a DJ and an MC to animate a battle of digital sketchers in Praça da República, and a performance of classical music in interaction with the light in the bandstand of Parque Infante Dom Pedro, which  starts on the 10th October, anticipating the festival.


A-Tiles [1]

20 20+00:00 September, 2011 @ 8:00

It is one of the highlights of the festival, right in the city center. This is a videomapping projection in the building of PSP - Aveiro Police District Command,to whic it joins a light sculpture on the porch in a happy celebration of colors, patterns, forms and shapes. Videomapping by AV Exciters (FR).

Coretto of Love [2]

20 20+00:00 September, 2012 @ 8:00

An installation with LED pixel lamps programmed to interact with live music, that may be interpreted with flexibility either by the musicians or public. It is the ideal meeting place for a romantic evening, and you can count on the performance of the Aveiro Calouste Gulbenkian Art Conservatory School of Music, which is entitled to a special session on October 10th, anticipating the festival. Interactive light installation by Luboš Zbranek (CZ).


20 20+00:00 September, 2013 @ 8:00

Dan Gregor, of INITI, is specialized in contemporary design of games. In this case, this is a motion-sensing game that uses virtual wall decorations to engage participants. The invitation to adults and children to play and run is thus launched, having to destroy with real balls small demons strolling the game Wall. Interactive videomapping game by INITI (CZ).

Andromeda [4]

20 20+00:00 September, 2014 @ 19:30

5000 plastic spoons lightned by LED creating an unexpectedly fragile and poetic installation. The Parque de Santo António will be covered with lights, whose reflections can also be appreciated in the waters of the lake. Landscape installation by Peter Vrabel (SK).

Brocken 5.1 [5]

20 20+00:00 September, 2015 @ 8:00

Yasuhiro Chida works with simple elements, having as its driving force the relationship with nature and the power of concentration and contemplation. Brocken 5.1 is a reference to a visible light effect in the high mountains,, being this work composed of a metallic structure with four meters wide and long, on which the artist created 40.000 small holes, allowing the urban lights to spark a magical atmosphere inside, an effect enhanced by a projection and two spotlights aimed at it. Light and sound installation by Yasuhiro Chida (JP).

Elysion 2.1 [6]

20 20+00:00 September, 2016 @ 8:00

The stories written in this installation, consisting in lighted tents, touch the sensitive theme of migration and also pays tribute to portuguese sailors. Light tents on water by Jürgen Böhm (DE).

Beam Reach [7]

20 20+00:00 September, 2017 @ 19:30

An installation visible from a long distance. There are nine baseboards of filtered light that generates a choreography of colors and light beams, with the wind having here a key with music composed purposely for this moment. Light, sound and sculpture by Pavla Beranová (CZ).

Digital Sketch Battle [8]

20 20+00:00 September, 2018 @ 19:30

The local community of artists, sketchers and designers are invited to join in an innovative event. They are all challenged to draw live in front of an audience, having DJ Correct and MC Toga to warm up. There are two screens, two stages and a lot of fun, combining digital and traditional creation. On Friday night there will be a freestyle warm-up session and on Saturday night there will be a prize money competition. Live Digital Sketching Battle by ASk - Aveiro Sketchers e Criatech.

Sounds of Baroque [9]

20 20+00:00 September, 2021 @ 19:30

Although Dan Gregor of INITI, works with cutting-edge technology, his works are based on the simplicity of game and are based on a minimalist aesthetic, combining art and technology in an elementary way. In collaboration with the musician Floex, this installation consists of a large musical instrument that makes the architecture generate sounds and lights according to the gestures of the public. Its beautiful harmonies will reveal the purity of digital art, focusing on a four-meter replica of a baroque altar that will be illuminated and played by the public. Interactive videomapping by INITI e Floex (CZ).

BOLHAS in the city [10]

20 20+00:00 September, 2022 @ 12:30 - 14:30

Presentation of the winning work of the call for an artistic residency to be held at VIC // Aveiro Arts House. The winning piece was the technical and conceptual partnership of artists Marcele Vieira, Rosa Angelica and Kaue Lim. Installation that combines sculpture and videomapping by Marcele Vieira, Rosa Angelica and Kaue Lima.




Aveiro is a city on the Portuguese west coast founded by a lagoon known as Ria de Aveiro.
It is distinguished by its channels navigated by colorful boats (moliceiro boats), traditionally used for harvesting algae.
Not far from the center, known for its art nouveau buildings, is the Sé de Aveiro, with its prominent belfry.
The Aveiro Museum, housed in a former convent, has an extravagant marble-built tomb.